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The Huber RoDisc Micro Screen has been designed for fine screening and polishing of many effluents, and can be used for ensuring compliance with meeting discharge consent standards or allowing water to be reused within the plant.

The HUBER RoDisc Micro Screen
The screen comprises a series of discs fitted with woven mesh down to 10 micron apertures which are slowly rotated on a central shaft all supported from bearings above water level. The mesh is immersed by up to 60% in the effluent and the filtrate collected from the inside of the discs ensuring a complete barrier to the solids.

Each filter disc consists of individual stainless steel segments covered with square mesh. The wastewater to be treated flows through the segments from inside to out and the filtrate is discharged at the inlet end of the screen. The filter discs initially remain in rest position during the filtration process.

As the internal water level backs-up and rises as a result of solids settling on and gradually blinding the mesh surface of the discs, an increasing pressure differential occurs. When the predefined differential has been reached, the filter discs rotate and a high-pressure, stationary spray bar clears the accumulated particles off the mesh surface and back into the segment. The removed solids fall into a trough situated below the segment openings for subsequent discharge. The fully-automatic filtration process continues whilst the filter discs are being cleaned.

In addition to municipal wastewater treatment FE polishing, the RoDisc is also suitable for; the removal of fine suspended material upstream of advanced treatment processes (such as UV disinfection or membrane plants), the treatment of production wastewater from industrial processes and material recovery.

The RoDisc unit can be supplied with variable numbers of disc segments in pairs from 2 to a maximum of 30 in a single unit. The size of mesh aperture relative to the number of filter discs is selected so as to balance the specific flow, solids load and required effluent quality of the application.

With over 50 installations and a pilot plant available please contact HUBER if you feel your application can benefit from fine screening.

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