HUBER Belt Dryer BT

Create value from waste!

HUBER Belt Dryer BT

Sewage sludge is the "waste product" that is generated on sewage treatment plants. Dry your sewage sludge to reduce disposal costs and use your "waste" as a fuel or fertiliser resource!

➤➤➤ The HUBER Belt Dryer BT makes waste a valuable resource .. in the most efficient way ...

The unique HUBER HELIX air flow system ensures that only the minimum required amount of drying air is blown through the dryer by the ventilators. In combination with the CFD-optimised dryer geometry, an extremely low electrical energy demand is achieved with this air flow system. The closed process air circulation system with integrated condensation stage reduces the exhaust air volume flow to 5,000 m³/h maximum and contributes to keeping down operating costs.


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