HUBER Disc Thickener S-DISC

Sewage sludge thickening

HUBER Disc Thickener S-DISC

– compact, enclosed unit
– reliable operation, minimised operator attention
– low operation costs
– high throughput capacity up to 40 m³/h

➤➤➤ The purpose of sewage sludge thickening

Sewage sludge, particularly secondary sludge, is charac -terised by low solids concentrations and big volumes. Good sludge thickening is required as a prerequisite for the efficient further treatment of sewage sludge, for example in digesters, and is also necessary where liquid sewage sludge is transported to further treatment steps or utilisation. The following criteria are decisive for the selection of the thickening process:

➤    performance and efficiency
➤    reliable operation
➤    easy maintenance and operation

➤➤➤ Design and function of the ROTAMAT® Disc Thickener RoS 2S

A slightly inclined, slowly rotating filter disc covered with a filter cloth separates flocculated sludge from filtrate. A baffle plate distributes the inflow evenly across the entire filter radius. Sludge liquor collects on the bottom section of the filter disc so that a low hydrostatic pressure develops enhancing sludge liquor drain-off. Flexibly supported plows divide and move the sludge layer on the disc and open up furrows so that water can easily drain through the filter cloth, thus enhancing the filtration effect. At the sludge discharge outlet, a scraper pushes the thickened sludge from the disc. The filter cloth is cleaned by a spray bar so that the solids are washed back into the sludge to ensure the filtrate water is clear.

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