HUBER Grit Washer RoSF G4E

Grit separation, washing, dewatering in one system

HUBER Grit Washer RoSF G4E

➤➤➤ Design and function

Classifying and washing in one system

The Grit Washer RoSF G4E combines continuous separation and washout of contaminated grit trap material in one plant.

Grit classifying
Sediments from the grit trap are introduced in the upper part of the plant as a mixture of grit, organics and water. Due to the low surface overflow rate virtually all particles are separated and accumulate in the bottom part of the tank.

Grit washing
Due to the introduction of service water in combination with a slowly rotating circulation system the lighter organic particles can easily be separated from the dense mineral particles in the bottom part of the tank. After removal of the organic material the clean grit is automatically removed by a screw conveyor, at the same time statically dewatered, and discharged into a container. The removed organics are continuously discharged with the introduced wash water.

➤➤➤ The user's benefits
➤ Reduced disposal costs
➤ Reduced water consumption below 2 m3/h
➤ Surface overflow rate < 25 m/h
➤ 90% separation efficiency of grain size > 0.2 mm
➤ Reduction of organic content to ≤ 5 %
➤ Dry residue in washed grit > 90%
➤ Screened wastewater can be used as wash water
➤ Two plant sizes available (8 l/s and 16 l/s throughput)
➤ Optionally available as a classifier with wash function
➤ Also suitable for classified grit trap material from biogas plants


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