HUBER Storm Screen ROTAMAT(R) RoK1

Automatically cleaned screen for installation in CSO's and Storm Tanks

HUBER Storm Screen ROTAMAT(R) RoK1

· Two dimension screening , 100% capture of solids greater than 6mm
· Single low kW drive
· Multiple mounting and discharge arrangements
· Ideally suited to both new build and retrofit applications
· Screen upto 10,000 l/sec with a single screen
· Very low head loss
· Low maintenance requirement
· Over 1200 UK installations

The Situation

During and after storm events large amounts of debris are discharged to streams, rivers and lakes through storm water overflows of combined sewer systems.  
Frequently, even the installation of scum boards or static screens is insufficient to prevent such pollution.

The polluting items, such as sanitary products, toilet paper, faeces, and plastics etc. are not only unsightly but also responsible for considerable cleaning and/or disposal costs.

The Solution

The ROTAMAT® RoK storm screen is the ideal solution for this task, whether for new structures or for the retrofitting into existing structures.  
The RoK1 and RoK2 screen are designed for high flow rates at an extremely low hydraulic resistance.

Two-dimensional screening guarantees a very high solids retention combined with automatic, gentle cleaning of the perforated plate

Screenings are either returned to the continuation flow or can be removed from the flow and handled directly, ideal for overloaded inlet works.
The screen is either mounted on the dry side of the weir wall (RoK1) or mounted over the dry weather flow channel (RoK2).

The Function

Both types of screen are mounted horizontally on the overflow weir.  

A screw flight is mounted on a half cylinder of perforated plate. As the stormwater flows through the horizontal perforated half-pipe of the screen basket the solids are retained

A screw, with a brush attached on its flights, rotates within the semi-circular screen basketr.  
It cleans the screen and pushes the separated solids gently towards the discharge point of the screen where they are retuned to the wastewater flow.

During storm conditions the screen is automatically started and then works fully automatically until the storm subsides.

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