HUBER heat Exchanger TubeWin

Economic use of municipal wastewater as an energy source and heat sink

HUBER heat Exchanger TubeWin

➤➤➤The situation

Hot water is supplied for the use in houses, apartments and public buildings all the year round. It is required for heating in winter and for showers, cooking and laundry washing throughout the whole year. With heat insulation of exterior facades and triple glazing heat losses to the environment are effectively prevented but a considerable amount of energy still escapes through wastewater lines – energy which has been generated with the use of precious fossil fuels, such as oil or gas. The thermal energy contained within wastewater has previously been lost for the residents of houses, flats and apartments once the wastewater had disappeared in the depths of the sewer system.

➤➤➤ The customer’s benefit

All components are made of V4A stainless steel for a long product life. The use of a HUBER TubeWin Heat Exchanger represents a sustainable and reliable solution of heat recovery from wastewater. The system can be used all year round, for heating and cooling. This is an aspect which additionally significantly increases its economic efficiency.

➤➤➤ Our solution

This loss can be avoided with the use of a HUBER TubeWin Heat Exchanger. The high thermal energy of municipal wastewater can be transferred to a carrier medium by means of heat exchanger elements which are mounted directly on the sewer bottom. This technique permits that the energy can be used by a heat pump. The heat exchanger elements do not need extra space as they are installed inside the sewer. Due to their flat and compact design the heat exchanger modules can be installed in sewers as small as DN 1000 and are completely submerged even with small wastewater flows.

➤➤➤ Advantages

➤ Flat and robust design
➤ Modular design
➤ Low pressure loss
➤ Minimised sewer cross section narrowing
➤ Suitable to be used for sewers as small as DN 1000 and for any sewer profile
➤ Heating and cooling
➤ Adaptable to different sewer shapes
➤ Completely made of V4A stainless steel
➤ Climate-friendly due to CO2 reduction

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