Heating and cooling with wastewater

Recovery of thermal energy from municipal and industrial wastewater

Heating and cooling with wastewater

HUBER ThermWin® system The HUBER ThermWin® system is used to recover the energy from wastewater. Via an intake structure a portion of the sewage flows from the sewer into a screen that retains coarse solids. The pre-screened wastewater is lifted and flows by gravity through the above ground installed heat exchanger. This creates continuously stable hydraulic conditions and ensures a controlled heat transfer. In the HUBER RoWin Heat Exchanger the heat energy is transferred to a clean carrier medium (normally water) which transports the energy to the heat pump.

The cooled wastewater flows back to the sewer taking along the screenings. HUBER RoWin Heat Exchanger The innovative HUBER RoWin Heat Exchanger has been developed especially for wastewater applications. Mechanical preventive cleaning of the heat transfer surfaces is applied to eliminate biofouling and its negative effects and ensure the maximum heat transfer capacity is permanently maintained. Sediments and solids settling on the tank floor are removed by a screw conveyor to prevent blocking. Up to 80% of the heat required can be recycled from wastewater.

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