Submerged Air Filtration Systems (SAF) & I-SAF

Intelligent Submerged Air Filtration Systems - for the effective reduction of B.O.D, both in municipal and industrial applications. The I-SAF and SAF cover applications for PE's of between 50 and 3000 and Euroby can also supply turnkey hire equipment for applications up to 1000PE.

Submerged Air Filtration Systems (SAF) & I-SAF

Manufactured in a wide range of configurations and materials in accordance with proven design experience provided by Setfords Consultants Limited, both above and below ground formats can be accommodated.

The SAF process is based on individual cells which are arranged in series and through which the wastewater flows. Each cell contains a rigid block media on which biomass forms. A fine bubble diffuser system feeds oxygen from blowers in the control kiosk to promote the growth of the biomass. Wastewater passes through the biomass which feeds on the BOD and the clean effluent exits from the final cell.

The plant is robust, reliable and requires minimal operator involvement. There are no moving parts in the tank – diffusers have a design life of 15 years and the kiosk is thermostatically controlled for reliability.

The control system can be supplied to customer’s specifications

Typical effluent quality after treatment up to 30mg/l TSS, 20mg/l BOD and 10mg/l Nitrogen as Ammonia, or better, with results verified by the Environment Agency.

Euroby`s I-SAF

Traditional Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF), have a proven track record for providing high quality biologically treated effluent. However they are power hungry.

In its quest for higher efficiency and less energy costs Euroby offers its Intelligent SAF (I-SAF) unit which incorporates energy saving devices; resulting in power savings of over 50% (compared to traditional SAF units) whilst maintaining the same high levels of treatment.

Designed for equivalent populations from 300 – 1000 and beyond, Euroby’swastewater treatment system utilises dissolved oxygen control and variable speed side channel blowers to control the air flow together and with PLC monitoring, Euroby`s I-SAF ticks all the boxes when it comes to low carbon / low energy systems.

The Euroby I-SAF is available as a complete packaged treatment system – for rental and for purchase. We can also retrofit our I-SAF technology to some existing SAF systems.

Euroby’s I-SAF range of biological packaged waste water treatment plants are designed to provide years of efficient low maintenance service.

Each I-SAF system consists of a chamber or multiple chambers arranged in series. Each chamber is filled with rigid structured media. Underneath the media are fine bubble membrane diffusers. The effluent passes through the media which provides a surface for the biomass that will degrade the biological content. Air is passed through the air diffusers to provide oxygen to the biomass and to cleans the media to release excess biomass thereby eliminating the need for backwashing of the plant.

The air supply for the I-SAF is provided by means of low maintenance side channel blowers. The air scoured biomass passes into a humus tank for return to the primary settlement tank

Integrated Package Plant

Euroby can also supply I-SAF and SAF plants with an integrated Lamella plate Primary and Humus tank to create a complete package treatment plant, both the Euroby SAF and I-SAF benefit from providing a small footprint solution for the treatment of wastewater requiring reduction in Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

Applications include:

  • Stand-alone biological treatment
  • Food waste applications
  • Municipal Waste Water Treatment
  • BOD Reduction
  • Emergency rental
  • Supplement or replace an existing system
  • Installation as part of a complete sewage treatment works

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