Sea-Bird Coastal SUNA Optical Nitrate Sensor

The Sea-Bird Coastal SUNA V2 UV nitrate sensor with technology by Satlantic is the ultimate chemical-free solution for autonomous monitoring in estuarine and freshwater environments.

Sea-Bird Coastal SUNA Optical Nitrate Sensor

With improved optics and built-in adaptive sampling intelligence, the SUNA V2 measures nitrate with industry-leading accuracy and stability over a wide range of environmental conditions. The wide range of optional features offered for the SUNA V2 make the sensor a cost-effective choice for routine nitrate measurements.

  • Attended, Unattended
  • Nitrate
  • High-accuracy, chemical-free, in-situ nitrate measurement
  • SDI-12, RS-232

Optional: reduced 5mm pathlength for improved performance during high flow/high turbidity storm events

  • Adaptive sampling logic automatically tunes the optical operations to real-time environmental conditions for high CDOM applications
  • Active fouling control with fully integrated biowiper, ensuring accurate and stable long-term data sets, reducing the need for site visits
  • Advanced processing algorithms, using the full UV spectrum for maximum accuracy across the entire sensing range

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