We all like more of a good thing if we can get it and Terberg Matec UK Limited is providing just that for those involved in the collection of refuse and recyclable materials with their triple-chair version of the class-beating OmniDEL low-level automatic split bin-lifter. Fitted recently to a Dennis Eagle 'Twin Pack' dual compartment body, three OmniDEL Triple Bin Lifts were ordered by a Southern Counties authority recently for recycling duties and will be delivered shortly.


Despite being a recent introduction to the Terberg product portfolio, OmniDEL has enjoyed astonishing success.  There is little doubt that this can be attributed to research into end users’ precise requirements which revealed that at the top of the wish-list were simplicity, flexibility and reliability.  The result is an incredibly robust yet lightweight design.  Comprising a twin-chair split mechanism supplemented by a single chair unit, the OmniDEL Triple offers the same advantages to operators of 70/30 ratio split compacting bodies.

Simplicity is achieved in conjunction with strength by utilising cutting-edge engineering techniques and materials such as carbon fibre.  This not only enables Terberg to decrease the number of working parts, but also to produce a product with an installed weight of only 880 kilograms. Operation is simple too, the whole OmniDEL family has innovative features to reduce operator fatigue, increase productivity and prevent undue wear and tear on wheeled-bin containers.

In the past, difficult-to-empty bins have been dealt with by incorporating a single or double ‘bin-shake’ into the electronically programmed emptying cycle.  Although this is effective, it is also time-wasting as not every bin on a round requires this treatment.  Also, unnecessary shaking of particularly heavy bins may cause premature wear.  Terberg has implemented ‘intelligent’ electronics on OmniDEL that are capable of detecting any offending bins and applying the shaking process as and when required, without further input from the operator.  This is further enhanced by a hopper-chute angle of 70 degrees and a container tip angle of 50 degrees. 

Additionally, the twin-chair portion serving the larger body-chamber is able to switch automatically from domestic to manual trade mode.  This is achieved by electronic sensors that detect the presentation of a large four-wheeled container.  In domestic automatic split mode, the catcher-bar is positioned to accommodate two bins ranging from 120 to 360 litres capacity.  However, when the presence of a large trade-waste container is detected, the hydraulic linking of the two chairs as one unit is triggered.  The catcher bar is also repositioned appropriately to engage with the container which is then lifted off the ground slightly when correctly located.  The emptying cycle is then initiated and controlled from a push-button station on either side of the body.

The OmniDEL Triple is also very flexible.   It will fit any standard DIN frame and has hydraulic and electrical interfaces common to other Terberg lifters.  Off-road damage, on landfill sites for example, is minimised thanks to exceptional ground clearance.  Variable vehicle ride-heights are taken care of by the ability to mount OmniDEL between 1,160mm and 1,240mm from the ground.  One other advantage that OmniDEL has over the competition is a particularly short overhang.  This can greatly improve maneuverability of 6x4 or 6x2 chassis in tight hammerhead cul-de-sacs - so much a feature of modern housing estates.  OmniDEL has also been designed to integrate dynamic weighing systems if required.

Reliability has been proven by exhaustive real-time trialing during development equivalent to five-years service.  Low maintenance engineering also plays a big part in reliability.  The decision to adopt sealed composite bearings and bushes, requiring no weekly greasing, is one example of this.  Of course, the single greatest reliability assurance that end users have is the Terberg Matec UK pedigree - a quality which has made the company, arguably, the market leader in this type of equipment.  This is supported both by full after-sales support from fleet engineers in the field and a comprehensive range of warranty programmes to suit the customer’s requirements.

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