Fuel efficient power behind Terberg's TL360 bin lift

When Terberg is asked to fit one of it's TL360 Lifter Kits to a customer vehicle one of the problems faced is specifying the PTO and Pump design and arrangement. Sometimes the chassis design may complicate and inhibit PTO and Pump selection. To resolve this problem, Terberg have come up with a simple, cost effective method of creating hydraulic power for the TL360 lifter, a self-contained, electrically driven hydraulic power pack.

Fuel efficient power behind Terberg's TL360 bin lift


The beauty of the power packs design lies in its compact features and flexibility of location, as long as the pack can be mounted horizontally then the physical location doesn’t matter, be it on the chassis nearside or offside, on the roof or elsewhere.


The added bonus of using the power pack that Terberg have found is that lifter cycle times are improved over conventional PTO/Pump powered TL360 lifts, with the power pack helping the lifter to achieve cycle times between 16-18 seconds .


Because the power pack is electrically powered it means that hydraulic power is available when the ignition is on, with or without the engine running. An Emergency Isolation switch is fitted as standard to remove all power from the system in the event of an emergency or for maintenance.


The motor bearings are relatively low maintenance requiring greasing every 10,000 hours under normal operation conditions. A pressure relief valve comes with the unit and is factory set at 80 bar, together with a pressure line check valve and dual solenoid directional control valve.


When it comes to the TL360 lifter itself the design retains all of the benefits of previous versions of TL360 lifter, its simplicity in design and operation, fully constrained guide wheels and uniterruptable clamp mechanism. The TL360 is ideally suited for street cleansing /sweeping duties as well as doubling as a very effective collector of recyclable materials. The lifter is offered as a retro-fit solution for existing customer vehicles or as a complete vehicle supplied to customer requirements.


The TL360 recycling vehicles offers high quality standard specification and innovative features that are synomonous with the Terberg name. The perfect companion for 3.5T to 7.5T GVW chassis cabs, the vehicles is available in either a mesh construction for excellent visibility of the body’s contents or with a fully plated body. The standard configuration is a single compartment body with barn style doors to the rear and is fitted with one nearside bin lifter designed to handle 140 to 360L wheeled bins, although up to three lifters can be fitted.


The new generation of TL360 lifter has been carefully redesigned with performance and weight in mind. Weight saving modifications to the previous TL360 design have given a lifter that weighs in 24kgs less than it’s weightier predecessor. Coupled with the use of the power pack over conventional valve gear, the weight saving for a 3 lifter system using the power pack is 210kgs, compared with the previous lifter and hydraulic system design. Weight savings for a 1 lifter system and 2 lifter system are 73kgs and 140 kgs respectively.


Retro-fitting of the TL360 Lifter to an existing vehicle is a relatively simple affair thanks to its ’bolt-on’ framework, whilst the modular system design makes it possible to have multiple lifters on a vehicle with minimum effort.


Terberg’s R&D department utilise the latest in 3D CAD software to create the TL360’s robust construction, ensuring that equipment operators are rewarded a long operational life, increased efficiency and reduced maintenance work.


The range of TL360 kit lifters and TL360 recycling vehicles are available with a standard 12 month warranty with the option of a range of extended warranties.


All Terberg’s products are backed up by a comprehensive service and support infrastructure that ensures minimum downtime and quick response to any problems encountered in use. 

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