Stillage Toploaders for Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire Council's recycling programme is continuing to benefit from collaborating with Terberg Matec UK Ltd., the market leading manufacturer of non compacting recyclable material collection vehicle bodies. The partnership has already seen the development and successful introduction of a special purpose version of the company's renowned 'Kerbsider® 2'. This makes use of removable stillages to create internal body compartments to simplify material handling at depot level. The stillages concept has now been taken a step further and incorporated within a new 15 cubic-metre lightweight development of Terberg's popular 'Toploader®' design.

Stillage Toploaders for Aberdeenshire Council

The ’TL15-Stillage’, as the new body variation is known, is mounted on an IVECO 7.5 tonne GVW chassis.  Aberdeenshire Council is using this vehicle to collect lightweight plastic material, but there is around 2-tonnes of useful payload available for other applications if required.  It has two stillages onboard that are loaded ‘fore and aft’ from the offside by means of a forklift truck.  Capacities are eight cubic-metres for the front stillage and seven for the rear.  They are secured by pneumatic locks and are of a cage-type to both reduce weight and provide visual monitoring of loading progress.  The open side of the body is enclosed by a colour-co-ordinated curtain similar to that used on heavy goods vehicles.
Further innovation is to be found on the nearside of the body.  Here there is a single TL 1100 type bin-lifter, derived from the TL 360 design but modified to accommodate full width trade-bins in addition to 240 and 360 litre domestic wheeled-bins.  However, the really ingenious feature of the bin-lifter is that it is cleverly mounted in an overlapping position so as to be capable of serving both stillages simultaneously.  In this way, a single material fraction can be loaded hydraulically via an opening roof-door into both stillages from a full width container.  Alternatively, differing fractions may be loaded into each individual stillage from 240 or 360 litre wheeled-bins positioned on each half of the lifter mechanism.
Aberdeenshire Council has signalled its intention to put the vehicle into service as soon as possible and the first of it’s type was delivered in November.  The special stillage vehicle will help to collect plastic material from an area of approximately 500 square miles and deliver this to static compactors located at several depots throughout the county. Pam Walker, Waste Minimisation Officer, commented; “We decided to use small collection vehicles instead of one large one because they can work economically on localised routes.  One large vehicle would entail longer routes and a resultant diminishing of the service provided.  The problem was to identify a tried and tested small body system which would give us the capacity needed.  Terberg had worked closely with us on other recycling projects and we have a full-sized ‘Toploader®’ on our fleet already.  So when it was suggested that a smaller version of this could be engineered with stillages, it seemed to be the perfect answer.”
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