For 2008, Terberg Matec UK Ltd. are pleased to announce some additional services designed to integrate seamlessly with their certifiable TMDW9004 dynamic weighing and RFID system to provide a truly modular approach for the weighing and ID vehicle technology sector within the waste and recycling market.


Since the TMDW9004 dynamic weighing system was introduced to the UK it popularity has grown, the TMDW9004 system has been adopted by many private and public organisations choosing to partner the weighing system with Terberg’s OmniDEL automatic bin lift and their robust trade bin lift, the TCH-OL.

Terberg have responded to the growing expectations of their customers, this has been the catalyst for further product development and technological innovations, particularly on the data collation, analysis and reporting aspect of modern ‘charge by weight’ operations. The results of this dedication to customer satisfaction are a trio of products that enhance the Terberg weighing and ID portfolio to provide a total solution for today’s operations.

MuniDATA is a new product and is a complete Waste and Container management package based on the ubiquitous SQL database application to provide a vital link between household and trade premises addresses and the unique RFID tag fitted to the container assigned to that address. The muniDATA system reduces annoyance to the user by centring on reporting collection exceptions rather than flooding the user with standard ‘conforming’ collection data. The muniDATA system offers functionality that allows the generation of automated reports, these reports can be written around recycling targets and key performance indicators. One innovative report, the Bin Drift report, is capable of highlighting which bins have been moved from their originally designated collection point.

A new RFID hand reader is also available which synchronises itself with the muniDATA application to give control over bin deliveries and show residents their collection history by reading the RFID tag in their bin.

The muniTRACK system, although first introduced last year, has undergone some significant changes in the last 12 months to provide a vehicle tracking system that integrates perfectly with Terberg’s range of binlift and weighing products.

Many products in the marketplace are able to offer ‘standard’ tracking solutions, but Terberg’s muniTRACK uniqueness lies in its ability to be easily incorporated with their range of binlifts and weighing and identification systems to give the sector a new level of performance.

muniTRACK’s standard reports include a date, time and street level location for each container lift cycle as well as which lifter chair was used for the lift. For instance, if a OmniDEL Split bin lift was used then it might report a lift using the left hand chair for a domestic 2-wheeled container, however, if a 4-wheeled trade container was lifted and weighed then muniTRACK would report the use of both chairs on the bin lift, as they are linked hydraulically for trade operation.

The TMDW9004 dynamic weighing system is uniquely certified to produce both Gross, Tare and Net weights with a minimum content of 0.5 kilograms for domestic containers and a minimum content of 5 kilograms for a trade container. The muniTRACK system allows viewing, via a standard desktop PC with internet access, of data that can determine if a container was fully emptied within 2 minutes of the lift cycle being completed.

The muniTRACK system allows target weights to be entered, this automates the generation of an ‘exception’ list that would detail the location of all overweight bins at the end of the round, alternatively, you can access this data manually.

A new innovative feature for the muniTRACK system is a targeted presentation report that affords users the ability to review participation rates, this data can be filtered to allow focus on specific roads, estates or the entire round.

Further development in the ‘muni’ series of integrated products has resulted in a new ‘touch sensitive’ and IP68 submersible rated information display unit that allows operators to view round and customer information automatically. The muniROUND display unit can be mounted close to the bin lift at the rear of the RCV or within the vehicle cab.

‘gazetteer’ information from the Local Authority is used and contains GPS co-ordinates for each property, the muniROUND display then shows the 14 properties that are in the closest proximity to the collection vehicle. The system then allows the operators to review special collection information or add predetermined messages such as ‘Bin Not Presented’, ‘Side Waste’ or ‘Contamination’ to an individual properties data record. This is achieved simply by selecting the required property address from the displayed list.

Terberg Matec UK Ltd. now offer one of the widest ranges of integrated, modular weighing and RFID solutions in the UK, providing full after-sales support for private and public organizations looking to operate weighing only or charge by weight collections.

Terberg’s turnkey solution portfolio also includes certifiable underbody weighing systems with overload protection via a hydraulic shut off interface. Other products include a robust, proven, PLC controlled, dynamic weighing system for Front End Loaders.

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