Going in for a 50:50? Try Terberg's trouble-free Tinium Split Bin Lift

Terberg Matec UK offer yet another bin lift to meet the recent increase in demand for equal split bin lifts.

Going in for a 50:50? Try Terberg's trouble-free Tinium Split Bin Lift

The RCV market has seen a demand for new vehicle configurations to overcome the increasing challenges in waste collection, this demand has driven the development of 50:50 split body RCV’s from several manufacturers, which in turn spurred Terberg to develop the Tinium 50:50.
The Terberg end product is a lightweight, automatic split bin lift feeding each 50% body split with a bin lift chair that is a mirror image of its neighbour.

The Tinium 50:50 Split carries it gene’s from Terberg’s Tinium Triple Split bin lift losing some weight along the way, the Tinium Split tips the scale at 594kgs, this mass is evenly split between the two chairs, each chair comes in under 300kgs. Using a tested design ensures reliability and proven effectiveness. Operation & Maintenance methods for Existing Tinium Triple users will be very familiar with the Operation & Maintenance as the automatic control systems and hydro-electric systems are derived from the Tinium Triple.

Containers from 120L to 360L are handled efficiently by the Tinium 50:50 Split and it’s automatic operation requires minimal intervention by the operator. It’s lightweight design gives heavyweight performance, ensures maximum payload and adds peace of mind to the ever increasing concerns regarding vehicle axle weights. The Tinium 50:50 expands the options available to the end user, and provides a method of achieving greater productivity during collection rounds.

Listening to the voices of customers and RCV builders alike, Terberg produced the Tinium 50:50 Split bin lift adding yet another innovative addition to the family of Terberg products.

Terberg Matec UK Limited offers a range of full parts and labour warranties for up to five years for the Tinium 50:50 Split binlift and it is further supported by an unrivalled after sales support.

Further information on all Terberg Matec UK Ltd. products may be obtained by telephoning the Sales Department on 01925 283905, or by e-mail at sales@terberg.co.uk

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