Terberg win 14 year Bin Lift contract with Biffa

Biffa Waste Services recently agreed a fourteen year contract with Wirral MBC to provide street cleansing services with refuse and recyclable material collection. Terberg Matec UK have been chosen by Biffa to supply thirty-six 'OmniDel' automatic bin-lifts, supported by extensive training, both for vehicle operators and for Biffa's own internal trainers.


Biffa commenced work on the new contract in August 2006 and aims to increase the amount of material removed from the waste stream for recycling from 12% to 33% by 2008.  This will be achieved by introducing a wheeled-bin kerbside collection regime for general waste and recyclables on alternate weeks.  A newly constructed material recycling facility (MRF) at Bidston will play a vital role in achieving this target.  A fleet of seventy collection vehicles is to be involved of which thirty-six are to be equipped with Terberg’s revolutionary ‘OmniDel’ fully automatic split low-level wheeled-bin lifting system.

‘OmniDel’ is rapidly becoming the lifter of choice as it has many special features, which are of particular benefit to public sector and private waste handling contractors alike.  A low ‘all-up’ weight of just 585 kilograms combined with a low centre of gravity and minimum overhang not only improves payload potential but also reduces the impact on rear axle loading, and helps to reduce collision damage when reversing.  The ‘bolt-on’ design is DIN frame compatible and selectable mounting positioning accommodates variable air-suspension heights.

Domestic wheeled-bins and trade containers between 120 and 1,300 litres capacity can be accommodated with emptying cycle times of 7.5 and 11 seconds respectively.  Automation extends to setting chair configuration without any input from the operator.  Sensors detect the presence of large trade containers when presented to the lifter and hydraulically link both chairs together as one unit.  Bins that have been crammed and thus difficult to empty are also identified by sensors which selectively initiate bin-shaking at the top of the emptying cycle.

By choosing ‘OmniDel’, Biffa was able to take advantage of Terberg’s unique customer support and employee training scheme.  The company provides a comprehensive multi level product training programme undertaken either at Terberg’s headquarters or at a site of the customer’s choosing.  ‘Level 1.’ directed towards collection crews and workshop personnel, follows the Terberg Operator Training Manual and covers every aspect of safe equipment operation.  Certification as an ‘Approved Operator’ is awarded on completion of the course.

Management and supervisory staff can be trained at ‘Level 2.’ which qualifies them to undertake in-house training of their own employees at ‘Level 1.’  This ensures continuity of training to cater for a changing workforce, and is supported by a regularly updated ‘Terberg Training Media Pack’.  Bi-annual competency audits also ensure that the training given is consistent and up to the standard required.

Before delivering the thirty-six ‘OmniDel’ lifters to Biffa, Terberg has completed the training of more than seventy collection crews as approved operators, and a small team of ‘Level 2.’ certificated in-house trainers. 

Biffa Transport Training Officer, Walter Macdonald, commented; “We have been delighted with the level of assistance and co-operation provided by Terberg to get this contract off to a smooth start.  Four of their top people were at our disposal for a week, which proved invaluable. In Terberg we have found a partner that shares our own commitment to proper and continuing product training and to providing a safe working environment for our crews.  I am certain that we will enjoy a good relationship for many years to come.”

The OmniDEL is fully supported by a range of warranties and aftersales support packages, if you would like to see the OmniDEL for yourself  then please contact Terberg Sales on 01925 283915 or by email at sales@terberg.co.uk to arrange for you to see the OmniDEL.

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