Type 8905 Online Analysis System

"Who's to say that you have to constantly keep an eye on a number of different meters to guarantee clean drinking water?"

Type 8905 Online Analysis System

The Online Analysis System is compact and modular; it meets all water sensor system needs from a single source - at a glance.

The continuous analysis of water parameters is a complex undertaking in practice. In most cases, there are different systems with individual displays, different operations and individual sensors.

With our Type 8905 Online Analysis System, up to six analysis cubes are integrated into one modular and compact housing. In this way, monitoring can provide all the key measurement parameters at a glance. This does not just save space, but also time and money - from installation through to operation.

Benefits for you

- Economical thanks to the modular basic design of the system:

- simple and convenient assembly and commissioning

- easy for installation and maintenance

- expandable at any time

- Large 7" touchscreen display with intuitive user controls makes operation consistent and very straightforward

Ultra-compact sensor cubes require minimal sample water, can be combined in any way and can be easily exchanged

- EDIP enables actual hot swapping(insertion of new modules during operation) of sensor cubes without the need for additional configuration

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