FSIP - Full Service in Place

NETZSCH has newly developed the "Full Service in Place" (FSIP) concept for progressing cavity pump. This makes interventions in the pump equipment possible without dismantling the pump from the pipework.

FSIP - Full Service in Place

This approach has proven itself in practice already for three years with the TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pumps, and a FSIP® version of the progressing cavity pump is now established on the market, too. The new design makes it possible to complete a full service (including the mechanical seal) and back in full operating condition, within 20 minutes, without the need of special tools.

The FSIP is highly versatile for most industries and also integrates into existing installations. 

We also provide conversion kits for existing NETZSCH NEMO pumps, however you would need to discuss with our technical team which models apply.


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