AnoxKaldnes MBBR Technology

The AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology is based on the biofilm principle, with an active biofilm growing on small specially designed plastic carriers that are kept suspended in the reactor. The carriers are designed to provide a large protected surface area for the biofilm and optimal conditions for the bacteria culture when the carriers are suspended in water.

AnoxKaldnes MBBR Technology


The solutions based on AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology are efficient for BOD, ammonia and nitrogen removal. They are compact and easy to operate. Specialised micro-organisms in all stages provide maximum rates and allow far reaching nitrogen removal in small volume. It is typically used for:

  • New nitrogen removal plants
  • New BOD/COD removal plants
  • pgrade of existing plants

The AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology is very flexible and can be used in many different configurations. It is often used as a stand-alone process with one or more MBBR reactors, but can also be used as pre-treatment ("roughing") or post-treatment to other biological processes to either take some of the load off the existing biological step (e.g. activated sludge) or as a final polishing step.

Easy upgrade of existing plants

The AnoxKaldnes? MBBR technology can also be fitted into reactors of any shape or form. This makes it very easy to upgrade existing plants. We have many references where we have upgraded plants by turning existing filters, RBCs or activated sludge plants into MBBR systems. We have also used other available reactors on site such as pulp storage, oil tanks, sludge storage tanks etc.

The carriers can also be added directly into the aeration lane of an existing activated sludge reactor to increase the capacity and in particular to achieve nitrification. The addition of carriers to an activated sludge plant with no nitrification due to too low sludge age, will result in nitrification since the nitrifiers colonize the protected surface of the carriers.

Features and benefits

The MBBR technology is feasible for both industrial and municipal wastewater and is used for organic removal, nitrification and denitrification. The flexibility of the AnoxKaldnes MBBR makes it an ideal solution for new plants or the upgrade of old plants. Main benefits of the process include:

  • Compactness
  • Robust biofilm
  • Flexible reactor design
  • Easy upgrade of existing plants
  • Easy to operate and control
  • No sludge return needed in most applications
  • Low load on particle separation stage

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