Biological Trickling Filters - Distributor systems

It is widely recognised that effective wastewater distribution is essential for achieving the optimum performance of a fixed film reactor process (trickling filter). Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has invested more than 35 years in designing, commissioning and operating aerobic fixed film systems and has used this knowledge to create a range of the most effective rotating distribution systems available in the market.

Biological Trickling Filters - Distributor systems

This range of distributors include Cascade, HiGARD, MiniGARD and Cascade MiniFlo units. All being engineered to the highest quality and include technical features unique to Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, placing these units at the leading edge of liquid distribution technology.

Each distributor we design not only addresses the basic requirements to achieve even liquid distribution across the surface of the media bed but also the effects of irrigation rates, recirculation requirements, flushing intensity together with surface organic and hydraulic loading rates onto the reactor.

Where conditions and duty allow, reaction driven units are typically utilised. These units are driven by the motive force of the wastewater delivered to the distributor. In most cases this will be a pumped flow but where site gradients permit, gravity fed units can be designed and installed.

For advanced fixed film reactor systems where high performance and increased levels of process control are required, we have developed power driven rotary distributors with variable speed control. The ability to vary the speed of rotation enables the flushing intensity (SK) to which the media is subjected to be optimised, thereby permitting the solids inventory and biofilm thickness to be operationally regulated.


Established/Robust Technology
Resilience to shock and toxic loads
Minimal manpower and Energy Requirements
Simple to operate
Low maintenance
Low whole life costs
Low cost option for upgrading existing overloaded works

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologiesoffer a complete range of media: random, structured and for moving bed applications. Cascade Media is typically manufactured in polypropylene

The most common inert thermoplastic
Immune to rot, fungus and bacterial attack
High resistance to UV Degradation
High Temperature Stability

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