Food & Beverage - Wastewater treatment solutions

Creating water solutions for the food & beverage industry. Responding to the requirements of the Food & Beverage industry Providing the best solutions at the right price Focusing on environmental issues Cutting-edge technology: Memthane Covering all applications

Food & Beverage - Wastewater treatment solutions


Responding to the requirements of the Food & Beverage industry

The demands made on the Food & Beverage industry are numerous, ranging from health and financial issues to environmental concerns.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies understands the specific needs of the Food & Beverage industry and helps its clients reach their goals by providing innovative water treatment solutions in line with the highest quality standards.

Providing the best solutions at the right price

Veolia helps its clients reduce their costs by improving production processes and standardising equipment, recycling treated effluents, and offering borehole-based solutions that provide an alternative source of supply.

Focusing on environmental issues

As an expert in water treatment, Veolia assists its clients in reducing their water footprint, limiting the volume of wastewater produced and recovering by-products from wastewater.

Our carbon-efficient solutions set out to optimise energy and chemical consumptions.

Cutting-edge technology: Memthane

High-energy efficiency and superb quality effluents

Memthane is a small footprint solution that offers an array of benefits, eliminating disposal costs while generating valuable biogas and remaining easy to operate and maintain.
Memthane opens the door to treating high strength, high solid wastes which were previously considered untreatable from an economic standpoint.

Covering all applications

As a water treatment specialist, Veolia understands the key concerns in the water cycle management relate to:

Our 135 business units combine over 1,000 references worldwide in food and beverage applications. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has strong expertise in all Food & Beverage subsectors such as:

  • Food: aquaculture, dairies, meat processing, oils, fruit and vegetable processing
  • Beverage: breweries, soft drink, distilleries, spirits

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