Hydrotech Discfilters to Thames Water

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has been awarded a contract to supply Hydrotech Discfilters to Thames Water.

Hydrotech Discfilters to Thames Water

The drive towards higher quality discharges for sewage treatment works continues, and more and more water companies are turning to Discfilter technology for tertiary treatment.

Thames Water will be installing six Hydrotech HSF 2600-1F Discfilter units as part of a major upgrade of their Deephams sewage treatment works in Edmonton, North London. Deephams currently serves a population equivalent of 885,000 and discharges to the environmentally sensitive River Lee, so final effluent quality is critical.

This new plant has a capacity of 2650 litres per second, more than double the capacity of Veolia's previous largest UK installation. It is being installed as part of a project to ensure compliance with a new Phosphorus consent being implemented in March 2012 under the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive.

The Veolia Hydrotech Discfilters will use self-cleaning rotating discs fitted with 10 micron mesh to remove suspended solids including biomass flocs and precipitated phosphates from effluent to meet a 10mg/l standard. Backwash water, which is typically only 2% of throughput, will be returned to the head of works, and low power consumption and minimum maintenance make the Hydrotech Discfilter not only cost effective but a more sustainable option.

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