Potable water treatment

Potable water treatmentOffering reliable high quality drinking water solutions on the optimum whole life cost solutions, including lamella clarification, high-rate ballasted clarification, DAF plants, membranes and rapid gravity filtration. More

Potable water treatment

Technical Excellence and Innovation

Our commitment to ensuring safe, dependable and affordable drinking water is backed by decades of hands-on experience at hundreds of water treatment facilities around the world and cutting-edge research capabilities:

Hydrotech Drumfilters and Discfilters

Actiflo® and Actiflo® Pack - high speed clarifiers

Media filtration
Druck Pressure Filters - iron and manganese removal, up to 15 m3/hr Multimat - up to 100 m3/hr, Filtration Solutions: Opacarb, Opafer, Opaflo, Filtraflo: gravitational filtration


Membranes technologies
Ultrafiltration / Microfiltration / Nanofiltration

Reverse Osmosis
MiniRO, MidiRO, MaxiRO, MegaRO - TDS to 1000 ppm, 0.1 to 15m3/hr
Multipure Midi - TDS to 3000 ppm, up to 4.17 m3/hr
Multipure Plus - TDS to 5000 ppm, up to 120 m3/hr

Specific Treatment
Arsenic removal - Mangaflo / GFH
Heavy metal removal - MetClean
Water Treatment Chemicals - Hydrex Solutions
Pesticides removal - Actiflo

U.V Treatment - Uvaster
Ozone disinfection Solutions


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