Sustainable Water Solutions for Aquaculture

Aquaculture is a critical food source to meet current and future global consumption requirements.

Sustainable Water Solutions for Aquaculture

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies offers the industry's leading solutions for environmentally responsible and sustainable aquaculture, responding to the highest client priorities. In additon to increasing production and reducing water consumption, KaldnesĀ® RAS, the industry's leading technology, responds to the key challenges faced by today's aquaculture industry.

The rising demand has spurred development of advanced aquaculture technologies to address challenges of tradtional flow-through oxygenation systems, including water consumption, pollution and land availability.

Our solutions for the aquaculture industry include:

  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
  • Treatment of intake water
  • Conditioning of water during production in flow through systems
  • Treatment of effluent water
  • Sludge treatment
  • Treatment of water and waste from fish abattoir and processing

AnoxKaldnes MBBR

The Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (AnoxKaldnes MBBR) is our own proprietary technology, and the biological engine of Kaldnes RAS. The MBBR technology allows the microorganisms to grow on sheltered, surfaces inside moving, plastic carriers creating a continuous biofilm process without any risk for clogging and without any need for back flushing. Advantages like low head loss and high volumetric capacity make the process compact and well suited for treatment of large water flows. The process is very robust and easily operated with a minimum need for maintenance.

Hydrotech drumfilters

Biomass from the AnoxKaldnes MBBR process, fish faeces and excess feed is efficiently separated with Hydrotech drum filters, another well-known Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies' technology in the industry. The Hydrotech filters have a high hydraulic capacity, are easy to operate and provide predictable results. Typical mesh sizes are 40-90 micron, but can be delivered with mesh sizes down to 10 micron.

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