Wastewater and Effluent Treatment

Effluent treatment technology includes activated sludge processes, trickling filters, aerobic biological treatment, SAF plants, Biostyr - compact up flow BAFF, Drumfilter/Discfilter, UV disinfection systems, Actiflo ® - high-rate ballasted clarification, membrane bioreactor, AnoxKaldnes HYBAS and MBBR - biofilm and activated sludge, anaerobic aqueous treatment and more.

Wastewater and Effluent Treatment

Technical Excellence and Innovation

We provide all of the technologies for safe, environmentally compliant day-to-day wastewater treatment plant operations, regardless of size. Our solutions contribute to customized, efficient and cost-effective solutions covering the complete wastewater treatment cycle:

Primary Treatment
Fine Screening: Hydrotech Drumfilters and Discfilters, Idrascreen - Drumfilters

Settlement: Actiflo® and Actiflo® Pack - high speed clarifiers, Multiflo

Flotation: Idraflot - dissolved air flotation (DAF),

Grease treatment: Biolix - aerobic biological treatment

Secondary Treatment
Aerobic treatment - bio-filtration: Biostyr and Biostyr packaged plant, Biosep® / Neosep® and Biosep® Pack - membrane bio-reactors (MBR), BioSAF - submerged aerated filters

Aerobic treatment - Fixed Biofilm and MBR: AnoxKaldnes MBBR- moving bed bio-reactor : Kaldnes , Natrix, BAS, Hybas, LagoonGuard, SAF : submerged aerated filters, Ecodisk : semi-immersed rotation disc filter, Biosep & Biosep Pack: Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR)

Aerobic treatment - activated sludge: Ecobatch - sludge batch reactors, Azenit - nitrification & denitrification, Biodenipho & Biodenitro - phosphorus and nitrogen removal, IFAS AnoxKaldnes

Tertiary Treatment
Drumfilters/discfilters: Hydrotech Drumfilters and Discfilters

Polishing & Filtration: Actiflo® and Actiflo® Pack - high speed clarifiers, Filtraflo - gravity filters

Evaporation: EVALED evaporators

Denitrification and Total N Removal: Biostyr and Biostyr packaged plant

Odour control

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