Lorry Mounted Jetting

Our range of sewer jetting and combination units extends from the gully emptier to the powerful, high performance JetVac machines (Air Movers) with sliding vane, liquid rings and blower units.

Lorry Mounted Jetting

Experience gained over many years has allowed Jetchem and Superjet, to work closely along side customers to design and develop customised jetting units for specialised applications.

For example the Remote Reel, shown above, is an all wheel drive vehicle, capable of crossing rough terrains. It was developed to gain access to land drains and other pipelines located in areas where traditional jetting machines would find it impossible to reach.

Equipped with a large capacity, hydraulically powered hose reel, which can store up to 200 mtrs. of 1" jetting hose, the Remote Reel is supplied by the jetting unit which is parked in a suitable access area, and the Remote Reel is then driven across the terrain to the problem area.
Control of pressure on and off is by the use of a high-pressure water diverter valve, which is fitted to the Reel. A pressure relief device is also fitted to the unit to prevent over pressurisation and protect the jetting system along with an operating pressure gauge.

This idea has proved so successful that several have been introduced to our hire fleet, and are in constant demand.

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