SUEZ Treatments Solutions Offers Customers Vital Temporary Water Treatment

SUEZ Treatment Solutions UK provide customers with an efficient means of maintaining vital water treatment during planned plant shutdowns or emergency situations.

SUEZ Treatments Solutions Offers Customers Vital Temporary Water Treatment

The SUEZ fleet of mobile water treatment units is an ideal resource that guarantees water quantity, and quality, for industrial plants, which require a temporary water treatment solution.

A key benefit for SUEZ customers is that the mobile water treatment units can be hired on a long term basis as the main water treatment unit for each site. This enables businesses to produce high quality water quickly without high capital investment, and without the complications and delays involved in building their own permanent water treatment plant.

Each unit can be hired for short or long periods. They have flow rates ranging from a few m3/hr to several hundred m3/hr and can treat water to a quality better than 0.1 μS/cm. In addition to their value as a temporary solution during planned maintenance shutdown periods, SUEZ units are a highly efficient and cost-effective option for sites that experience variation in process water requirements throughout the year, in terms of quality and quantity. In instances where the plant must cope with a seasonal increase in the demand for process water, or experience seasonal alterations in its raw water source, SUEZ can meet the changing demand. In addition, other specific needs, such as delays in the delivery and commissioning of vital demineralisation equipment, or a need to access large quantities of high quality water for activities such as steam-blowing, can be addressed.

One SUEZ customer, which recently experienced considerable differences in demineralised water requirements between high and low production seasons, used SUEZ mobile water treatment units to provide a fully automated mobile demineralised water treatment unit. This incorporated microfiltration and SUEZ' FlexosmO® reverse osmosis technology, plus a complete follow-up maintenance service to ensure a continuous demineralised water flow for uninterrupted production. The solution enabled the customer to reduce operational costs during its low production period by 30%. In addition, because of the limited quantity of chemicals required by the each unit, the customer has reduced the impact and risk on the environment.

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