Water Company Overcharges, The Figures Are Quite Staggering!

We thought we completed a clients claim resulting in an overcharge of £116,000 the money was refunded, it transpires there have been further overcharges on the account the refund now stands at £160,000!

Water Company Overcharges, The Figures Are Quite Staggering!

And just last week we sent yet another claim for an additional £20,000 which will make this a total of £180,000 overcharge since 2011, the water company failed to correct the charges even after they completed a site survey which reported the charges are not correct.

We estimate there are literally thousands of these situations where customers are being overcharged it must run into tens of millions and it is a nationwide problem.

We will publish more details on another water company overcharging issue this week whereby Northumbrian Water changed the method of charging and the system that was used to apply a new way of charging was flawed meaning thousands of customers to this day have not been charging correctly and yet the water company flatly refuse to refund the overcharges which was their fault in the first place, on the basis that the customers should have checked and challenged the charged, as apparently the onus is on the customer to ensure the water company are charging correctly.

Click the link for this latest case study; https://www.h2obuildingservices.co.uk/news/uncategorized/water-audit-services-identifies-a-staggering-water-company-overcharge-of-116000/

Are you billed for water services by; Severn Trent Water-South Staffs Water-Northumbrian Water-United Utilities-Yorkshire Water?

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