Does the waste industry need a health warning?

Recent statistics, from a report mapping health and safety standards in the UK waste industry carried out on behalf of the Health and safety executive, suggest the waste management industry is less safe than other industries.

Mac 108/1 baling press in action

Fatal injuries in the waste industry were over 10 times the national average and accident rates were more than 4 times the national average. Workers who manually handle or sort waste were at the most risk accounting for 75% of incidents. Handling large and awkward objects accounted for 33% of all incidents while being struck by a refuse collection vehicle or a car are the most common workplace transport accidents.

Accidents involving machinery accounted for 3% of the total and were almost always due to the operative coming in to contact with moving parts during cleaning or maintenance.

One company who has made their equipment a safe as possible is R.C.P SA who supplies the Macpresse range of baling equipment. Cleaning and maintenance is kept to a minimum on all Macpresse machines as a safety measure and also to improve production. Captive key interlocks, to prevent any door/hatch being opened while the machine is operational, protect inspection hatches and maintenance doors together with force-break limit switches fitted as standard. Conveyors leading to the hopper can be protected by a belt safety system. Should an operative wearing a safety belt fall on to the conveyor while the system is operational the system stop as the belt passes one of the overhead safety detectors.

"Operator safety is a key factor in machine design and operation." said Paul Godfrey UK Sales Manager for R.C.P SA. "In addition to the safety measures incorporated into the machine every operative undergoes an intensive certifiable training programme on safety procedures, machine operation and cleaning."

No industrial operation can be completely safe but proper training and safety equipment on all machinery can make the work environment a little safer for everyone. Follow Macpresse's lead and ensure that your equipment is a safe as possible.

Further details on Macpresse equipment can be found at, or by telephoning Paul Godfrey 07808 365866

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