Glass and Bottle Crushers - Glass and Bottle Grinder Machines

The Delitek DT-200GC and DT-500GC glass crusher in stainless steel is ideal for use onboard all kinds of vessels / ships, offshore installations and within the marine / offshore industry in general. The DT-500GC, with its large capacity it is also perfectly suited for use in restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, etc.

Glass and Bottle Crushers - Glass and Bottle Grinder Machines

The Delitek DT-200GC & DT-500GC Glass Crushers is designed for crushing different types of glass bottles, jars etc. With its large capacity (0,2m3 vs 0,5m3) it is well suited for passenger vessels, accommodation installations & onboard waste management stations. A good choice for any installation with special needs regarding volume reduction of glass bottles. The output from the DT-200GC & DT-500GC is small fragments of crushed glass that can be directly recycled, or for example used as drainage fillings.

The Glass grinder models are equipped with the exactly the same container as found in our waste compactor models. In a complete Delitek recycling station / waste management system the container can be interchanged between waste compactor, shredder and glass crusher.

Our DT-190LCG Glass Crusher/grinder is a simpler model, sharing design and components with the DT-230SR. It is stripped for all "superfluous” materials and manufactured with a main goal to make it as inexpensive as possible without compromising on the well-known Delitek quality / reliability! It is delivered with a 190ltr. wheelie bin.

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