Offshore Waste Compactors - Waste Compactor for Offshore

Offshore Waste compactor for the marine industry i.e. offshore installations and vessels. Offshore Compactors for compaction and minimization of mixed consumer waste.

Offshore Waste Compactors - Waste Compactor for Offshore

The Delitek Offshore Waste Compactors are manufactured in stainless steel and specially suited for Offshore industry. The DT-200MC, DT-500MC & DT-1500MC waste compactors are capable of withstanding even the most severe weather conditions, with a corrosion free lifetime and low maintenance costs. 

The Delitek DT-500MC & DT-1500MC "Greenship" Offshore waste Compactor models is our outdoor models and very similar in most ways. The main difference between these compactor models is the size /capacity. The DT-500MC is delivered with a 0,5m3 (500L) waste container on wheels, while the DT-1500MC is delivered with a 1,5m3 (1500L) waste container on wheels. Both compactors make use of specially sewn big bags in order to achieve a very easy and flexible waste compactor solution for use onboard vessels and offshore installations.  

The Delitek DT-200MC "Greenship" Offshore Garbage Compactor is our indoor model and is a considerable smaller version compared to the larger DT-500MC & DT-1500MC. However, it can of course also be placed outdoors due to its stainless steel design. The DT-200MC is delivered with a 0,2m3 (200L) waste container on wheels. This compactor model makes use of inexpensive HD plastic sacks. Please note that the DT-200MC allows for compaction (in sacks) and bailing (with straps) opportunities in one compact waste compactor unit. 

Extra containers can be added to all of the above-mentioned waste compactor models in order to obtain a waste handling solution that enables waste segregation according to the guidelines given in MARPOL 73/78, Annex V (regarding waste handling at sea). We also deliver EX-versions for use within Hazardous Areas. 

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