Energy Management

We offer a range of Energy Management services, including Energy Reduction Surveys, AMR & Metering, Energy Alarms and Systems and Reporting

Energy Management

Energy Reduction Surveys

BIU provide comprehensive energy audits and surveys that focus on three key areas – controls, equipment and people.  We determine the use of any equipment installed then look at the way in which it is used and controlled on a daily basis.

We carry out independent reviews of equipment and controls to validate manufacturer specifications and confirm the operational performance characteristics.  Where the potential for energy and cost reduction is proven, we manage the installation program, overseeing the equipment, suppliers and contractors. 

We also assess operational practices and individual awareness of energy use.  This allows us to identify both the technical and behavioural changes that will be most effective for cost and consumption reduction.


AMR & Metering

The major benefits of our Automated Meter Reading service (AMR) is that it allows us to look at your energy usage at half hourly periods on a daily basis.  This not only makes it easier to identify areas of over-consumption, it also ensures any reductions in usage are reported directly from the meter to supplier, ensuring accuracy in billing.

Why BIU?

·        A dedicated Account Manager to help you put measures in place to correct errors

·        Our clients reduce their energy consumption by 6% on average


Energy Alarms

In addition to our AMR and metering, we also provide an Energy Alarms service, which goes further than just reporting on energy usage.  Our energy alarms are triggered when energy usage exceeds the expected consumption level and is reported on an individual site basis, making it ideal for organisations with multiple sites. 

Why BIU?

·        Weekly Report – highlighting exact date and times of excessive usage

·        We will carry out surveys on specific sites if the cause of over-consumption cannot be identified


Systems and Reporting


BIU’s systems are recognised as being market leading by both industry experts and business analysts alike.  We are fully committed to the continuous development of powerful systems and maintain a dedicated programming team in-house.


One of our front office systems is which provides intuitive, on-line access to high level management information, across all utilities for organisations.  Delivering instant cost, consumption, carbon and CRC reporting, BIU247 is viewed as being market leading by the UK’s largest energy suppliers.

Why BIU?

·        24/7 access to your data via

·        At the click of a button, you can obtain up to date budget reporting for up to three years.  Where costs are unhedged, our M2M247 system uses up to date trade prices available in the UK to provide energy prices in real-time.

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