Energy Procurement

BIU's Energy Procurement Service is designed to execute a comprehensive purchasing strategy which is tailor-made to meet the needs of each individual client. Our service offering covers the purchasing of gas, electricity and water (where applicable). Risk management and cost saving are our key focus and we offer both fixed and flexible purchasing options to ensure we achieve the best prices at the best time.

Energy Procurement

Flexible Purchasing

If energy represents a significant spend for your organisation, then due to the volatility in energy markets, an effective energy procurement strategy is key to managing risk and achieving budget certainty.  By tracking prices in real-time we can ensure that our clients buy at the right time.

Fixed Purchasing

For organisations with price certainty as their main priority our fixed purchasing tracks future renewal prices to identify the best time to purchase.  After conducting a full fixed price tender across all energy suppliers, we can then secure your energy prices for a set-term to fit in with your financial targets.

Why BIU?

·        Our bespoke operating systems are developed in-house and are unique within the energy market, giving us a distinct competitive edge.  We can adapt our tracking and reporting to fit in with your specific requirements and our real-time reporting allows us to offer instant and true insights into your energy purchasing.

·        We operate as an independent energy consultant, working across all major utility suppliers to provide an impartial purchasing solution.  Our industry leading M2M247 software allows our clients to track their own buying strategy as well as monitor market action in real-time, which in turn, displays any past and projected savings.

·        BIU consistently outperform the market average price year on year.  Continued reinvestment in product development and service delivery enables our performance to continually improve.

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