Policy and Legislation

BIU's P272 service is designed to ensure our clients are able to derive the greatest commercial opportunities from the new legislation known as P272 which requires all meters with profile classes 05-08 to be settled to the Half Hourly (HH) market.

Policy and Legislation

Our service manages your migration to the HH market and covers Automated Meter Reading (AMR) installation and upgrades, appointment of Meter Point Operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC) contracts on commercial terms, reviews of capacity charging, HH invoice validation and Demand Side Response programmes to reduce energy consumption.

Once your affected sites have been migrated to the HH market, they will attract more complex HH billing which includes charging for Capacity, DuOS and other pass through charges.

HH settlement could mean increased energy costs for your business depending on your consumption patterns,  BIU will develop Demand Side Response Programmes which will allow you to effectively monitor and reduce costs and consumption to mitigate this exposure.

Why BIU?

·        BIU will validate all of your HH invoices prior to payment ensuring that you only pay accurate invoices.

·        We will give you access to your HH consumption in real time and cost data via BIU247, allowing you to monitor and reduce usage.

·        We will monitor pass through charges from suppliers to ensure added complexity does not result in erroneous overcharges

·        We will provide cost reduction opportunities via BIU’s energy alarms and our triad alert systems will reduce exposure to high charges.

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