We manufacture the Quattro Panel and are the sole supplier to the Trade and Clients.


We have commissioned independent tests which prove that the metallic reflective insulation panels save you money.

Quattro Panel is an ideal energy saving measure for hard to treat homes or those which do not have cavity walls.

We can complete surveys for panels when surveying for QS as well as fitting panels when QS works are taking place.


800 x 550

Thickness 8.26mm

2.27 Quattro Panels are required per 1sqm.

How much do they cost?

1 - 100             =    £3.00 per panel + P & P and VAT

101 - 1000        =    £2.75 per panel + P & P and VAT

1001 upwards   =    £2.50 per panel + P & P and VAT

Domestic packs are made up between 8 & 10 per box + P&P and VAT.

Commercial packs are boxed in 100.

Quattro Seal draught proofing: tested by the Building Research Establishment - proven to achieve energy savings of up to 27% with excellent pay back profiles.

Typical Paybacks around 36 months if you are on gas at 0.25p per kilo watt hour and faster if you are on Oil and LPG.

The benefits:

  • Faster warm up times and improved heat retention
  • Up to 27% energy savings as per the BRE report
  • Reduction in draught driven complaints
  • Improved comfort levels
  • Noise reduction of up to 10db in city areas with single glazing
  • Reduction in cleaning thereby reducing the cleaning cycle
  • Maintenance free for its life
  • Greater durability than that of other systems
  • 5 year unconditional guarantee that covers labour and materials
  • Major reduction in fuel bills and boilers and controls will work far more efficiently.
  • Fit and Forget

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