Tadpole is the cure, removing the oxygen.

Heating systems deteriorate because of oxygen in solution. Tadpole is the cure, removing the oxygen.

Tadpole is the cure, removing the oxygen.

Tadpole, is a unique device (the subject of patent application PCT/GB2007/004745 number) which when fitted to your existing heating system removes the air and in particular oxygen to an inert level (0.2ppm) from the heating water. Magnetites cause corrosion and shorten the life of radiators, pumps, boilers, valves and make the system work inefficiently. Tadpole eliminates corrosion and the formation of magnetites by reducing the oxygen to an inert level.

Tadpole has been tested by Tralee Institute of Technology, a UKAS accredited test house, to show savings of 23.7% in heating bills and other independent case studies have shown varying savings from 15% to 35%. See Tadpole's Reports and Tests >>. 

With no working parts Tadpole is guaranteed to outlast all the other components in a heating system. Tadpole is easy to install with only two connections and can be fitted in less than two hours to any type of heating system.  See the fitting instructions >>. 

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>> How does Tadpole work?

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