Aero-Fac Wastewater Treatment System

Aero-Fac is a high-process-rate, waste water treatment system that has been well proven in a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater applications in all types of climates. Aero-Fac employs an advanced and optimised form of a completely biological aerated facultative treatment process that automatically adjusts to handle extreme variations in flows and loadings. Aero-Fac incorporates fast and easy construction techniques, uses little energy, requires exceptionally easy operator skills, almost no maintenance, and yet produces excellent effluent quality that can be superior for re use and irrigation.

Aero-Fac Wastewater Treatment System

Aero-Fac offers a number of unique benefits, not least of which is a self digesting sludge process that requires no pre- screening, sedimentation tanks,clarifiers, sludge removal, dewatering, chemicals or conditioning. Best of all Aero-Fac requires no routine sludge disposal or the associated tanker traffic in and out of the main treatment plant. The sludge is continually self digested eliminating costly equipment, labour and regulation.

Other advantages of Aero-Fac is the very low operating costs. Overall the system can operate at anywhere from 50-85% less than the typical activated sludge system. In addition water industry personnel are routinely amazed by the lack of odour at Aero-Fac facilities.Many believe that they are actually at a sewage treatment plant!

Seldom does a wastewater treatment plant see exactly the same flows or loadings whether from tourism, storm water infiltration/flows, industry, growth or other issues. This is where Aero-Fac shines as it can be designed to automatically accommodate anywhere from zero flows-all unattaended.

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