WEARS ResMix Source Management System

Across the world, managers of water treatment plants (WTP) routinely balance a variety of concerns -- water quality, financial budgets, reduction in carbon output, statutory regulation and consumer expectations. The WTP has become a high-tech, automated system designed to produce the highest standard of treated water. While the focus has been on treatment within the WTP, the raw water has become progressively more difficult and costly to treat due to increasingly stringent regulation and consumer expectations.

WEARS ResMix Source Management System

Developed by WEARS (Australia), the ResMix™ ‘Source Management’ system provides high-volume, low-velocity Broad Flow Circulation (BFC) in storage reservoirs to improve and maintain water quality, which results in less work required at the WTP to produce the expected treated product.

After 15 years in operation, the ResMix™ ‘Source Management’ system has successfully proven effective at eliminating aged water as well as reducing or eliminating iron, manganese, nutrients, BGA and taste and odour forming compounds thereby enabling significant OPEX savings at the WTP through less chemical dosing and filter backwashing.

The WEARS ResMix™ ‘Source Management system’ from Gurney Environmental comes in 3 models suitable for reservoirs of less than 2000Ml to150,000Ml or more with multiple close-coupled units. Specifically designed for reservoir circulation and destratification offering a wide range of benefits to Water Company's.

The WEARS ResMix™ ‘Source Management’ System:

• Oxidises metals

• Reduces or eliminates taste or odour problems

• Minimises algal blooms

• Increases fish habitat

• Restores the condition of the degraded storage

• Drastically reduces energy and treatment costs

• Prevents autumn turnover

The benefits are :

• Autumn turnover is eliminated and therefore anoxic and toxic water is prevented from mixing through the water column.

• Water is made to be of uniform quality and

• Cheaper to treat at the water treatment plant.

• Blue Green Algae is controlled and the use of dangerous chemicals eliminated.

• Metals such as manganese (Mn) and Iron (Fe) are oxidized out of the water.

• Fish habitat is increased.

• Cold water with low DO released from the lower levels of a dam, which can upset fish migration patterns down-stream is minimised.

• Ecological balance of a degraded storage is restored.

• Greenhouse Gas

A recent case study involved working with United Utilities Water Via framework contractor Byzak Ltd who completed the installation of the ResMix™ 3000 source management system supplied by Gurney Environmental at their Heaton Park Reservoir in Manchester. Working with UU Gurney Environmental have helped deliver a cost effective alternative solution with an innovative and quickly installed system overcoming many of the logistical issues faced by the scale of the task.

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