NOx Filters for Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems (MVHRs)

AAC NITROSORB is a high performance indoor air quality solution designed to deliver sustainable mitigation for low concentration NOx - NO and NO2 at the levels typically found in city centres.

NOx Filters for Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems (MVHRs)

These competitively priced NOx Filters are designed for use in Residential, Commercial and Educational projects in Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) and provides effective NO2 mitigation in line with current legislation.

The AAC Swiftpack NITROSORB Filter System incorporates AAC NITROSORB into the AAC PR range of media filter cells. This robust solution is suitable for indoor air projects with Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems (MVHRs) and Horizontal and Vertical Air Flows.

For projects with Centralised Air Handling Plant, the AAC NITROSORB filter cells can be installed using the AAC Swiftkit System and the AAC Skeleton-Frame.

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