Odour Control for Sewerage Process and Digestion Tanks

At AAC Eurovent we offer a range of high performance Passive Vents designed to adsorb vent gases from sewerage process and digestion tanks on a passive basis.

Odour Control for Sewerage Process and Digestion Tanks

The AAC PV Passive Vent is a range of robust polypropylene Carbon Filters. Featuring a disposable/refillable filter cell containing up to 18 kilograms of impregnated Activated Carbon, these high performance filters have a capacity of up to 430m3/h to give a minimum of 0.5 second dwell time at maximum flow rate.

Fan assisted versions are available for forced ventilation applications

Typical Applications:

• Sludge Holding Tanks
• Sewage holding Tanks
• Fume Cupboard Exhausts
• Waste Holding Tanks
• VOC Removal for Oil Storage Tanks

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