Environmental management & compliance

Public environmental perception is growing, lessening the acceptance of environmental damage and valuing companies with good environmental credentials. The public can put pressure on organisations directly and has lobbied governments to push improvement at a legislative level. For many organisations achieving regulatory compliance is the most important driver for improved environmental performance - for example pressure to comply with legislation such as the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC), Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) and Contaminated Land regulations. Significant emphasis is now placed on environmental management systems (EMS) under the new PPC regime in the UK.

Environmental management & compliance

AMEC provides advice to guide companies through environmental management and compliance issues. Our services include:

Sustainability appraisals and sustainable development advisory services

Stakeholder communication strategy and facilitation

Environmental management systems and training

Environmental audit (due diligence)

Environmental reporting (including report verification)

Waste minimisation and process optimisation

Pollution, prevention and control (PPC) licensing for air, water and land

Policy development and appraisal

Research into best practice.


Our customers

AMEC’s environmental management and compliance work concentrates on establishing relationships with our customers who value service delivery based on partnership. Our extensive experience has been built up through working with clients such as:


Bellway Homes

Cadbury Schweppes

Forestry Commission

Health & Safety Executive

Inland Revenue

National Grid


Yorkshire Forward


Our capabilities in detail

For more detail on related skills and experience, download the capability statements listed below:

Air Quality Management

Environmental Management

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Integrated Odour Services

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Stakeholder Engagement

Climate Change

Due Diligence


Further details

We welcome the opportunity to share ideas with you and listen to your thoughts on issues that matter to your business. To discuss AMEC’s environmental management and compliance capabilities in more detail, and the specific needs and interests of your company, call 0800 371733 or email info.ukenvironment@amec.com.

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