Lifting Stations Wastewater faecal free

The ABS lifting station Sanimat 1002. Flood proof lifting station for the automatic removal of sewage from areas below the back-wash level, in accordance with DIN 1986. Ideal for effective sewage removal from apartments, large buildings and for both new and renovated structures. Robust synthetic (PE) collection tank of compact design. Easy to transport and install. Simple discharge line connection by means of the patented quick coupling system. A variety of inlet port sizes DN 50/100/150, in various locations to suit all applications, is standard with all units.

Lifting Stations Wastewater faecal free

Lifting stations for handling faecal-free wastewater from areas below the sewer level. Robust and versatile design proven over many years ensures reliable and trouble-free operation. Compact, easy to install and operate lifting stations are supplied complete with collection chamber, internal pipework, valves and level controls.


* Plug-in unit with CEE plug and phase sequence changeover facility.

* Easily transported and fitted. Compact dimensions allow passage through a standard door opening.

* Dynamic pressure level sensor on the tank, with separate sensors for inflow level and high water alarm.

* Trouble-free maintenance thanks to simple removal of the motor housing.

* Vortex impeller with large free passage for reliable pumping of both faecal and faecal-free sewage.

* Option of 2- or 4-pole motors.

* Direct toilet connection possible in the case of wall-mounted WC units.

* One variable inlet (DN 150) with 90° elbow, two horizontal (DN 150), and five vertical (2 x DN 100/150, 2 x DN 70, 1 x DN 40). One DN 70 port is needed as a vent line. DN 40 port is suitable for the connection of a hand membrane pump.

* Discharge flange DN 80, plus flanged socket with 4-sleeve and clips (for discharge pipe DN80/100).

* Sloping container floor prevents deposits.

* Integrated valve system consisting of two ball-type, non-return valves.

* Built-in mains alarm (visual and acoustic), can be converted to mains-independent by inserting battery.

* Maximum allowable medium temperature 40C; or up to 60C intermittent (max. 5 minutes).

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