Low Pressure Drop Meters On The 'Most Wanted' List

IGEM recently published an article on queries they receive and one of the common questions regularly asked relates to pressure drops across installation pipework (Design requirements are given in the IGEM Standard IGEM/UP/2).

TBX low pressure drop meters are available from MWA Technology

The example query published in IGEM's Journal focused on pressure drops across check meters and, in response MWA Technology has 're-launched' some of its products that excel in this area. MWA's managing director, Martin Wardell said: "Perhaps it's time we started shouting more about the availability of meters that can overcome these worries.

"At zero flow the TBX30's pressure drop is obviously zero and it rises exponentially with increasing flow, but a 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" TBX30 can pass 16m3/m compared to traditional diaphragm meters (12m3/h when 0.5mbar is reached).

"Furthermore a TBX100 2" can pass 62m3/h compared with 15.6m3/h with a comparable diaphragm meter is used . Clearly at lower flow rates the pressure drop across a TBX meter will be significantly lower for a given flow rate than traditional diaphragm meters.

We also now have the 'ultimate' check/sub meter - The TRZ range - a competitively priced ultrasonic meter range with negligible pressure drop. Finally we have historically referred to diaphragm meters as U6P, U16P, U25P etc with the "P" referring to pulse output facility as the majority of the meters we supply are used in the building services industry and are connected to building management systems," explained Mr Wardell.
More information on these products can be obtained from MWA Technology, Telephone: 0121 327 7771, or Email: info@mwatechnology.com.

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