Energy flow meters and accessories

We specialise in domestic and commercial energy flow meters and accessories, our range includes ultrasonic and turbine energy meters, modules, sensors and ancillaries.

 Energy flow meters and accessories

Utrasonic compact thermal energy meter qp0,6, qp1,5 and 2,5 The new ultrasonic compact thermal energy meter “CF-UltraMaXX V” is the result of the consequent evolution of the successful Itron CF-Family series of static flow and thermal energy meters. CF-UltraMaXX can be used for the measurement of all relevant billing data in heating and cooling systems.

  • Extended dynamic range covers usual flow rate conditions in residential metering
  • Different options for implementation in communication systems
  • Versions with 2 indexes for use in combined heating and cooling applications
  • Advanced features for field data analysis
  • Removable calculator

CF-UltraMaXX V equipped with T-Sensors, k-correction cold pipe, LCD in kWh, Li.- Battery 10+1 years lifetime (except UltraMaXX M-Bus PS + 2 WM which is powered by M-Bus 2 ULs),
English labels & manuals.

Dynamic range
Due to it’s wide dynamic range, the CF-UltraMaXX V qp1,5 can be used for all applications in residential metering which requires usually two different product versions
qp0,6 or qp1,5.

Both UltraMaXX V qp1,5 and 2,5 are approved for a dynamic range of 1/250 (qi/qp).

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