UK Instrument Manufacturer appointing Distributors

STS Instruments Ltd have announced that they are looking to appoint a UK distributor for their range of fluorescence based water quality monitoring equipment.

STS Instruments Ltd are a small UK based manufacturer established over 20 years ago. STS have produced 2 novel instruments for investigating organic pollutants in water bodies, the first is a spectroflourimeter the SMF2 and the second is a flourimeter the SMF4.

Both instruments have the huge advantages of being battery operated, small, lightweight and therefore easily portable for in field use. In particular the instruments key USP is that they are designed to give an instantaneous reading without the requirements of lab testing or the need for reagents and consumables.

Trials have very clearly demonstrated that there is a strong correlation to the standard Biological Oxygen Demand test, the obvious advantage being that there is no 5 day wait for the results to be provided by the lab.

This instant answer therefore allows for rapid identification and isolation of sources of potential organic pollution in a wide range of water based situations. These include looking at misconnections both in sewerage systems and in grey water recycling facilities and at end users installations, river surveys, waste water treatment plant applications and at agricultural locations where slurry runoff may occur.

Current customers who have purchased units include water companies, environmental regulators, consultants and research establishments.
Units are currently being sold in the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa and to the USA. STS would now like to identify a suitable distributor for the instruments in the UK.

Typically distributors will be working within the water and waste water industries with an existing portfolio of monitoring equipment. Access to water companies and the EA/SEPA is essential and contacts within consulting and research desirable.

STS Instruments offer a simple and transparent discount structure which makes the sales proposition attractive to the distributor.

We would therefore welcome enquiries to Jim Ward, Operations Manager -

If you would like some further background information on our company or the products please either visit our website - or send us an email.

For further information please email STS Instruments Ltd

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