Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare's Wellesley Hospital was chosen as a trial site for the installation of Voltage Optimisation plus Regulation (eVO+R " ) technology from e-fficient Energy. This has reduced the hospital's energy usage and carbon footprint, as well as ensuring continuity of supply. Spire Healthcare has since had eVO+R " units installed at three of its hospitals, with more planned for the near future.

Spire Healthcare


Maintaining consistent power quality is fundamental to the activities of Spire Healthcare hospitals, where sensitive equipment  is relied upon to perform critical tests and lifesaving operations.

Spire Healthcare also considers  energy reduction a large priority, not only from a cost-efficiency perspective, but also to reduce  its carbon footprint.

e-fficient Energy was asked  by Spire Healthcare to evaluate whether their voltage management expertise could not only help ensure continuity of supply, but also to produce  savings from reduced electricity usage.


Spire Wellesley Hospital was chosen  as a trial site, with a view to rolling out the installation of VO technology at several hospitals in the future.

e-fficient Energy undertook an extensive energy audit of the site, which identified that

the hospital would benefit from Voltage Optimisation and Regulation (eVO+Râ„¢) technology, as the average voltage was recorded  at 240V. The voltage output was regulated to 220V following analysis of the data logging.

By reducing the average voltage from 240V to 220V means the voltage is in alignment with the recommended operational criteria of equipment used within the building.


Schneider Electric, at the request of Spire Healthcare, was asked to

independently verify the energy consumption  and cost before and after the installation of eVO+Râ„¢ technology at Spire Wellesley Hospital.

This evaluation showed annual savings of £9,572.64  in electricity costs and 10.05% in kWh are being achieved. The technology is expected  to pay for itself in just over 3 years.

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