The Brewery Shopping Centre

Maintaining consistent power quality is fundamental to the activities of The Brewery to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved. The Brewery also considers energy reduction a large priority, not only from a cost -efficiency perspective, but also to reduce its carbon footprint.

The Brewery Shopping Centre


The Brewery is a shopping and leisure centre in Romford, Essex. It is located on the site of the former Star Brewery, and it opened in 2001. It is—along with The Liberty and The Mercury—one of the three main shopping centres in Romford. The shopping centre is home to many cafes, restaurants, shops, a 16 screen Vue Cinema and a state of the art Virgin Active Gym.


e-fficient Energy undertook a full energy audit of both sites, which identified that the shopping centre would benefit from Voltage Optimisation and Regulation (eVO+R) technology.

E-fficient energy installed a 250 KVA eVO+R unit to the main supply for the shopping centre and a 150 kVa eVO+R unit to the car park supply, closely regulating the site voltage from highs of 246V down to 220V.

This provides plant and equipment with optimal & stabilised voltage, delivering energy saving and improved equipment life expectancy benefits, by consistently operating electrical loads at their design voltage.


The method of determining savings, was to operate the eVO+R system at the grid supply voltage and the nominal set point (220V) for a representative period. The eVO+R set point was changed at ½ hour intervals, with the energy consumption data recorded on a data logger set to a recording interval of 1 second. This resulted in 29,786 individual data points.

Analysis of the recorded data identified an average reduction in energy consumption over the measurement period of 9.86% (main supply) and 12.95% (car park supply) when operating on the optimized supply.


The implementation of e-fficient Energy’s industry leading voltage optimisation technology has provided The Brewery Shopping Centre with strong energy savings and added resilience against an ever more unstable grid supply.

The eVO+R deploys the latest generation power management capabilities, which includes a +/- 10% buck/boost function and independent phase voltage control.

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