eST Static Voltage Stabilisation Unit

The eST Static voltage stabiliser system uses the latest generation, high speed, microprocessor controlled thyristors to provide plant and equipment with stabilised voltage and is designed for use in areas where the electrical supply grid is prone to sudden changes such as spikes or sags. Eliminating these sudden changes in supply voltage reduces the Risk of premature failure consistently operating electrical loads within their design voltage range.

eST Static Voltage Stabilisation Unit

The eST Stabiliser benefits from industry leading voltage detection and response times of <300 mS to maintain voltage and protect equipment from an ever more increasingly unstable electrical supply system.

•Product Range 2kVA to 3000kVA

•Single Phase and Three Phase output versions
•Worldwide range of single and three phase voltages. (208-380-400-415-480-600V) & 50/60 HZ supplies
•Latest generation power management technology using thyristor based control, with no moving parts,
suitable for all supply environments
•Flexible design and software allowing easy orientation to local grid conditions

•Microprocessor based control system

•Fast reaction to changing voltage profiles (<300mS)

•Optional remote management system allowing remote viewing and management of all values

•Manual bypass for statutory inspections

•Static modular structure with thyristor technology used in power control and SMPS

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