eVO+R 1P & 3P Series Voltage Optimisation Plus

The eVO+R Voltage Optimisation system uses the latest generation high speed microprocessor controlled thyristors to provide plant and equipment with optimal & stabilised voltage, providing both energy saving and improved equipment life expectancy benefits by consistently operating electrical loads at their design voltage.

eVO+R 1P & 3P Series Voltage Optimisation Plus

The eVO+R benefits from industry leading voltage detection and response times of <300 mS to

maintain voltage and protect equipment from an ever more unstable electrical supply system.

Product range 2kVA to 3000kVA

Single phase and three phase output versions

Latest generation power management technology suitable for all supply environments

+/- 10% buck & boost function (wider ranges available)

Microprocessor based control system

Independent phase voltage control

Fast reaction to changing voltage profiles (<300mS)

Automatic bypass â€" able to transfer full load onto mains

Manual bypass for statutory inspections

Static modular structure with thyristor technology used in power control and SMPS technology

Electronic protection for over load, over voltage, over temperature and short circuit

Aesthetic and ergonomic design. Durable enclosure design, powder coated with standard colour (RAL7035)

User friendly, comprehensive LCD screen

Remote network function and software support

Surge protection up to 40kA

Manufactured under ISO9001:2008 Quality management System

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