SANDWASH - Grit separation

This is designed for those applications where any visible organics on the grit are unacceptable.

SANDWASH  - Grit separation

Fed from a vortex, aerated grit chamber, detritor tank, or any other means of grit separation either by airlift or grit pump, the SANDWASHTM grit washer utilizes a multi-stage washing process to remove organics and other larger, lower density objects to be returned to the downstream biological treatment.

Features and benefits:

  • The slow speed of the inclined grit dewatering conveyor minimizes wear whilst discharging high quality grit
  • The intermediate stirrer prevents blockage to the organics discharge outlet
  • The rotation of the stirrer during the washing cycle promotes the separation of residual grit from organic which rises and flows over the weir as washing water provides an upward flow stream 
  • The intermittent opening and closing of the actuated ball valve allows accumulated organics in the grit washer tank to be flushed out from time to time

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