SPIROTAINER - Autofilling containment and road transport system

SPIROTAINER® is an autofilling containment and road transport system designed for the hygienic and automatic handling of foul or objectionable waste materials. SPIROTAINER® eliminates the need for a specialized screenings building. Extending system capacity is as easy as adding another SPIROTAINER®.

SPIROTAINER - Autofilling containment and road transport system

Combined with SPIRAC® spiral conveyor systems, offensive waste products are transported, stored and removed from site with minimal operator intervention, virtually odour, vermin and insect free. A permanent onboard spiral conveyor and control system provide automated filling and level control while a robust door sealing system ensures leak proof transport even with a large liquefied component.

Standard truck lifting devices are incorporated into the design to facilitate ease of transport. Once it has reached the destination, the SPIROTAINER® is emptied by simply tilting.

Features and benefits:

  • Suitable for screenings, grit (together or separate) or sludge

  • Deployable outdoors and indoors

  • Even load distribution along full length of bin

  • Heavy duty closure and locking mechanism with durable rubber gaskets for a positive seal against leakage

  • Quick connect power and control sockets

  • Ultrasonic level filling sensors to prevent overfilling

  • Nominal 10, 15 or 20 m3 capacity

  • Robust construction and extreme paint finish for the rigors of contract hauling.

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